UK Biotechs Present Novel Technologies at BioTrinity 2017
Published:08 Dec.2017    Source:GEN
There were a number of new technologies discussed at the recent BioTrinity conference organized by OBN, the UK’s largest biotech networking group. The meeting brought home the point that despite Brexit fears, UK biotechs still have a great deal to offer investors and big pharma in terms of in-licensing, partnering, and acquisition opportunities.
One firm disclosing good news at the conference, was Elasmogen. The Aberdeen-based company, in partnership with Canada’s Feldan Therapeutics, announced a new research collaboration with Amgen. The partnership combines the capabilities of Feldan’s Shuttle peptide-based delivery method and Elasmogen’s soloMER™ fully humanized, single chain biologics to develop and deliver binding domains for two of Amgen’s intracellular targets.