Chinese Scientists Map Genome Sequences for Peony
Published:17 Nov.2017    Source:Asia-Pacific Biotech News

Chinese scientists announced in late September that they have completed sequencing the genome of the peony, making made-to-order peonies a possibility.

Dong Yang, director of the BGI Agriculture Applications Institute, told a press conference that BGI and Luoyang Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Science had recorded 65,898 peony genes, and put together a database on 1,000 varieties of peonies. Mapping of the genome started in 2014 and the findings will lead to better protection of wild peonies, precision seeding and will help expand the uses of peonies in cosmetics and other commercial products, Dong said.
As the imperial capital for 13 dynasties, Luoyang in central China's Henan province claims to have the country's best peonies. The flower was a favorite of royal families for its luxuriant blossoms, which came to symbolize prosperity and wealth.