Global BioLife Develops Breakthrough Modified Sugar
Published:17 Nov.2017    Source:Asia-Pacific Biotech News

SGX-listed Singapore eDevelopment Ltd announced that U.S. biomedical subsidiary Global BioLife Inc. has developed a breakthrough low-calorie, low glycemic index, natural, modified sugar Laetose -- which has the potential to affect the world's sugar market. Global Biolife has established a collaboration with top U.S. candy manufacturer Quality Candy Company LLC for the development, manufacture and global distribution of Laetose.

Developed by Mr Daryl L.Thompson, Global BioLife Director of Scientific Initiatives, Laetose is a functional sugar with a 30% to 50% lower calorie-count than regular sugar, possesses low glycemic properties, and also assists in mitigating inflammatory responses.

Studies have shown that excessive sugar consumption is the primary cause of modern diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. While sugar is not toxic, the human body perceives it as such and, in turn, initiates pro-inflammatory responses. Laetose could help mitigate such reactions by reducing the rate of glucose absorption throughout the body.