Sophia Publishing Group Appoints Mr. Robert J.T. Zhu as Director of Archiving & Indexing
Published:01 Nov.2013    Source:SPG

    British Columbia, Canada, November 1, 2013—— The board of directors of Sophia Publishing Group (Hereinafter referred to as “SPG”) today announced the appointment of Mr. Robert J.T. Zhu as Director of Archiving & Indexing, effective November 1, 2013. His new job responsibilities will include organizing archiving and indexing of the BioPublisher, 5th Publisher and ezPublisher’s publications.



    Mr. Zhu has extensive experiences in publishing business. He is currently working for SPG as the Senior Publisher of International Journal of Marine Science and International Journal of Aquaculture. Prior to joining SPG, he worked from September, 1999 to April, 2006 as a teacher in Zhejiang Ocean University; from August, 2006 to March, 2009 as a lecturer in College of Agriculture Hainan University. Mr. Zhu received a bachelor degree in zoology from Department of Biological Science and Technology, Nanjing University in 1995. He also got a Master of Science degree in marine biology from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999.